An innovative network of hologram deejays for a special entertainment in your disco!


How does Overset work?


We thought about changing everything, reinventing ourselves, focusing on music, which is still able to move large numbers of people. That’s how we had the idea to project console for holografic deejays.

Overset was created to avoid costs of travels, accommodation and the artist fees. Usually popular guest stars have unaffordable prices and it is very difficult to have them in your club.

Overset offers you a new generation of entertainment, professional performances and reasonable prices for big and small clubs. You can finally entertain your public with the rhythm of the international most popular DJs in the world while they are performing somewhere else.

With a reasonable budget, even smaller clubs and discos can offer great quality entertainment to their public giving people the chance to attend unique concerts and DJ sets in their favourite places in town.

This system helps artists to get more and more popular, to spread their music and give them the opportunity to organize a DJ calendar of high quality.

We are creating a network of clubs equipped with our technology, in many different towns in Italy and abroad. In this way, different discos and clubs can have the same event at the same time.

Thanks to our technology the best deejays in the world can perform in many different places at the same time and entertain a large number of people, reaching an audience similar to a big festival.

We will realize great events ” CLUBCONNECTION “on a monthly basis where all the clubs have the same show, the same evening at the same time.

A week before the show we will start to advertise it and to communicate the presence of the artist by explaining that it will be an Overset event.

During the evening, the technical manager of the club will start the holographic show directly from his Smartphone. You can buy more holograms for the same event, intensifying the offer of local entertainment.

Our equipment will be adapted to the environment and the style of your club. At the end of the holographic performance its technical device will be stopped electronically and the next DJ can start his performance without any break in the entertainment of people.